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Four businesses that create new value

Abalance has built a unique business model based on the achievements built up in the four businesses. While each business functions independently, it organically cooperates as needed to realize a one-stop solution from planning to operation in green energy power generation, for example. We are contributing to the sustainable development of society by leveraging these unique advantages of Abalance.

Green Energy Business

What we want to achieve is to send the light of hope to where it should be. We also try to reduce the anxiety about environmental problems that we might have in the future. We believe that green energy can make that happen. We will continue to work steadily to create a brighter future, and reach hope beyond.

Construction Machinery Business

What we want to achieve is to support infrastructure construction and contribute to a safe and convenient society. Through the sale of construction machinery and the provision of machinery through leasing and rental, we will respond to the expectations of countries around the world where further development is required in the future.
We open up new fields for further development of the world and a safe and convenient society.

IT Business Business

What we want to achieve is to increase labor productivity and support our clients' businesses. Instead of just selling products and services,
we solve the client’s problems from the source based on the comprehensive service. We are committed to continued support in order to increase the value of the company through the higher value business.

Photocatalyst business

What we want to achieve is to enrich lives and create a sustainable environment. For example, we use light energy to decompose organic matter and plan, develop, manufacture and sell liquid related to photocatalysts while maintaining aesthetics. Through our various services to protect peoples lives and health, including coating and emergency supplies, we will strive to contribute to the improvement of our daily living environment and the global environment.



Message from the President


Abalance Corporation was established in April 2000 as an IT company that develops and operates Internet services, but now we have transformed our business and business model into a comprehensive green energy company such as solar power generation and wind power generation.



Initiatives for ESG/SDGs



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