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Our Business

Our Business

Green Energy

Green Energy Business

Create a bright future and beyond

What we want to achieve is to send the light of hope to where it should be.
We also try to reduce the anxiety about environmental problems that we might have in the future.
We believe that green energy can make that happen.
We will continue to work steadily to create a brighter future, and reach hope beyond.

We, Abalance Group, provide total support for all companies that want to introduce renewable energy from the perspective of SDGs and RE100, from FIT (power sales) projects to non-FIT (self-consumption) projects. We make proposals that meet the needs of not only companies (factories and commercial facilities) that are considering introducing renewable energy, but also farmers and general households whether in Japan or overseas.

Green Energy

Construction Machinery Business

Contribute to the improvement of security and convenience in daily life

What we want to achieve is to support infrastructure construction and contribute to a safe and convenient society.Through the sale of construction machinery and the provision of machinery through leasing and rental,we will respond to the expectations of countries around the world where further development is required in the future. We open up new fields for further development of the world and a safe and convenient society.

IT Business

IT Business

Increase labor productivity and maintain corporate competitiveness.

What we want to achieve is to increase labor productivity and support our clients’ businesses. Instead of just selling products and services, we solve the client’s problems from the essence based on the comprehensive service. We are committed to continued support in order to increase the value of the company from the high added value of the business.

Abit Corporation has taken over the IT business, which has been implemented as a business of Abalance Corporation with the main purpose of responding flexibly to market changes unique to the IT business from October 1, 2019.

Shifting human roles to high value-added operations

For customers who spend time on inefficient, low-value-added work, we improve labor productivity by sharing knowledge, restructuring processes, and introducing new technologies. By consolidating low-value-added operations, streamline conventional operations and shift human roles to high-value-added operations. We will further enhance our expertise and contribute to high value-added output in our customers’ businesses.


Photocatalyst Business

Sagan Coat, a technology from Saga Prefecture, contributes to the health and welfare of all people.

Japan Photocatalyst Center Corporation has been manufacturing and selling photocatalyst solutions since its establishment. Photocatalyst is a technology that accelerates the catalytic reaction of titanium oxide using the energy of light and decomposes organic matter such as bacteria, mold, dirt, etc., and has a great characteristic that the effect of antibacterial / antiviral, air purification, anti-odor, etc. lasts. The photocatalyst technology “Sagan Coat” is a Japanese technique that applies the painting technique of Arita porcelain in Saga Prefecture. We spent two years succeeding in liquefying and mass-producing titanium oxide (powder), which is the raw material, and have reached the present.