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Company Profile

Abalance Corporation

Company Name Abalance Corporation
Establishment date April 17, 2000
Capital 2,059 million yen (as of June 30 , 2023)
Company history
April 2000 Established Real Communications Co., Ltd. (changed company name to Realcom Co., Ltd. in February 2001)
September 2007 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
November 2011 Implemented a share exchange with Abalance Corporaation as the wholly owning parent company and WWB Corporation as the wholly owned subsidiary company.
March 2017 Subsidiary (WWB Corporation) established SPC (VW LLC) and acquired VALORS Corporation as a subsidiary.
March 2017 Changed the company name to the current "Abalance Corporation."
November 2018 Market changed from TSE Mothers market to TSE 2nd section market.
January 2019 WWB Corporation acquired Kon Corporation which manufactures and sells photocatalytic titanium oxide coating agents and products using them (company name changed to Japan Photocatalyst Center Corporation.)
March 2019 WWB Corporation established VSUN JAPAN Co., Ltd. (wholly owned subsidiary) as a domestic sales base for solar panels manufactured by VIETNAM SUNERGY COMPANY LIMITED.
October 2019 Established Abit Corporation through company split of IT business.
November 2020 Made Vietnam Sunergy Joint Stock Company (VSUN) a specified subsidiary through the consolidation of FUJI SOLAR Corporation, an equity method affiliate.
March 2021 Established PV Repower Corporation which operates businesses, such as the reuse and recycling of solar panels.
June 2021 Established Birdy Fuel Cells LLC for the purpose of developing a hydrogen energy storage system.
November 2021 WWB Corporation took over the connected low-voltage power plant which is related to the industrial solar power generation business, work-in-progress, personnel resources from Japan Life Support Co., Ltd., which operates the solar power generation business.
Board members
President Yasuaki Mitsuyuki
Director Junsei Ryu
Outside Director Audit Supervisory Member Masaru Honma
Outside Director Audit Supervisory Member Emiko Kusakabe
Outside Director Audit Supervisory Member Hiroaki Rokugawa
Managing Executive Officer Motoharu Fujisawa
Managing Executive Officer Yuichiro Masuda
Operating Officer Takuya Hasegawa
Operating Officer Lewis Cai
Operating Officer Raymond T. Chung
Advisor Hidetaka Saeki
Advisory Law Office Shimada Hamba & Osajima
(As of January 1, 2024)
Number of employees 35〔Total number of group employees 1430〕 (As of June 30, 2023)
Main group companies
Our business

Group management control and management
Solar panel manufacturing business, green energy business, IT business, photocatalyst business, construction machinery sales business

Main financial institutions
(Abalance Group)
  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
  • The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
  • The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.
  • The 77 Bank, Ltd.
  • Japan Finance Corporation
  • The Tokushima Taisho Bank, Ltd.
  • The 82 Bank, Ltd.
  • The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
  • The Kochi Bank, Ltd.
Company address
【main office】

Tennozu First Tower F16, 2-2-4, Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002
Access: 2 minutes walk from Tokyo Monorail "Tennozu Isle", 5 minutes walk from Rinkai Line "Tennozu Isle"

We do not accept inquiries regarding IR by telephone. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

【Osaka Branch】

Esaka Park Front Building F3,1-17-14, Esaka-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-0063




Green energy business related

IT business related