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Our Business
Green Energy


Create a bright future and beyond

What we want to achieve is to send the light of hope to where it should be.
We also try to reduce the anxiety about environmental problems that we might have in the future.
We believe that green energy can make that happen.
We will continue to work steadily to create a brighter future, and reach hope beyond.

We, Abalance Group, provide total support for all companies that want to introduce renewable energy from the perspective of SDGs and RE100, from FIT (power sales) projects to non-FIT (self-consumption) projects. We make proposals that meet the needs of not only companies (factories and commercial facilities) that are considering introducing renewable energy, but also farmers and general households whether in Japan or overseas.

Solar panel manufacturing business
The Abalance Group offers two high quality brands to suit clients needs.

A global brand that the Abalance Group is proud of, which manufactures in its own factory in Vietnam and supplies high-quality modules to the world.

The largest production volume among Japanese companies
Obtained numerous international certifications to prove high quality
Certified as a high-tech enterprise by the Vietnamese government
Abundant track record of adoption all over the world, mainly in Europe and the United States
Won numerous awards

An original brand for the Japanese market of the Abalance Group, which develops modules and systems suitable for the Japanese environment, such as roof shapes and natural disasters.

Achieving the world’s highest class high conversion rate
Developing a diverse product lineup from residential to industrial Use
We also provide integrated modules for flat roofs and lightweight panels.
Comprehensive warranty service
Introduction of the latest technology

Power Plant Development ─ Owned by company
The Abalance Group is working to decarbonize its own activities while contributing to the spread and promotion of renewable energy. Our goal is to own 1 GW of power plants in Japan and overseas by 2030.

In the global business, we are proceeding with project development under the FIT and PPA model, and in Vietnam we are also working on EPC and maintenance business, and we will actively develop our business mainly in Southeast Asia.

  • Vietnam:Dai Dung An Ha Factory roof top 5MW

  • Hotel Mikazuki Danang hotel 1MW

Power Plant Development-buying and selling
The Abalance Group develops sells and buys and sells all types of power plants from general residential to industrial and secondary.

Solar power plant buying and selling service

Awareness of solar power plants is increasing, and we are receiving more inquiries about purchasing them. Clients who are considering purchasing in the future are increasingly looking for used power plants that show sales and maintenance records. The Abalance Group, which handles all aspects of solar power plants, enables safe and optimal matching.

  • WWB Corporation 
  • VALORS Corporation 
Power Plant Development ─ O&M

Operation & maintenance

The key to the success of the solar power generation business is to perform maintenance (remote monitoring, weeding, and mowing) so that the amount of power generated does not decline, and to respond quickly in the event of an accident. Since it is very difficult to increase the amount of power generation, it is important to perform maintenance to prevent the amount of power generation from decreasing as much as possible and to minimize “power sales loss.” At the Abalance Group, in order to eliminate and reduce various factors that cause “electricity sales loss”, we carry out one-stop maintenance by various experts.

Decarbonization proposal
The Abalance Group proposes various introduction models to meet clients' business models, needs, laws and regulations for decarbonization.
Material sales
The Abalance Group provides a complete set of materials necessary for the entire system, including not only solar modules but also storage batteries, from housing materials to industrial materials. As a general wholesale trading company related to renewable energy, we sell to a wide range of clients, from individuals to construction contractors.

Residential system

We sell power generation systems for general homes. We offer a wide range of proposals to house builders, design companies, and other companies that make proposals for individual housing, as well as to end users.

Industrial system

We design and sell various parts of power generation systems, such as field-mounted, roof-mounted, and farming-type solar sharing systems.


The Abalance Group not only manufactures solar modules, but also reuses and recycles damaged or obsolete modules. We are working to make effective use of resources, such as actively purchasing reusable panels from facilities damaged by natural disasters. We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by working to eliminate poverty and improve social life in developing countries.

  • PV Repower inc. 
New technology development

The Abalance Group is engaged in research and development of new technologies for the development of a sustainable society.

Green Energy


Contribute to the improvement of security and convenience in daily life

What we want to achieve is to support infrastructure construction and contribute to a safe and convenient society.Through the sale of construction machinery and the provision of machinery through leasing and rental,we will respond to the expectations of countries around the world where further development is required in the future. We open up new fields for further development of the world and a safe and convenient society.

Product & Service
Used machine sales and rental service

Through WWB, a group company, we sell and rent used machinery from basic construction equipment to special machinery. WWB has built its own network not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries during its many years of trading as a founding business. We handle a wide range of domestic and overseas sales and purchases. As the sole agent in Japan for Sany Heavy Industries (SANY), the world class construction machinery manufacturer, we do not only handle the company’s concrete pump trucks, but also offer a wide range of products from all other construction machinery manufacturers.

IT Business


Increase labor productivity and maintain corporate competitiveness.

What we want to achieve is to increase labor productivity and support our clients’ businesses. Instead of just selling products and services, we solve the client’s problems from the essence based on the comprehensive service. We are committed to continued support in order to increase the value of the company from the high added value of the business.

Abit Corporation has taken over the IT business, which has been implemented as a business of Abalance Corporation with the main purpose of responding flexibly to market changes unique to the IT business from October 1, 2019.

Shifting human roles to high value-added operations

For customers who spend time on inefficient, low-value-added work, we improve labor productivity by sharing knowledge, restructuring processes, and introducing new technologies. By consolidating low-value-added operations, streamline conventional operations and shift human roles to high-value-added operations. We will further enhance our expertise and contribute to high value-added output in our customers’ businesses.

Product & Service
  • Information sharing and knowledge management tools

“KnowledgeMarket®” is knowledge management software that approaches customers who have troublesome tasks such as internal and external coordination and research from the perspective of information management and knowledge sharing. By optimizing access to internal information such as notices and notifications, and promoting the fluidization of the skills and knowledge of each employee, we will speed up operations and reform work styles.

  • RPA tool for a wide range of tasks

The RPA2.0 tool “Robowiser Framework” realizes automation of work not only for routine work but also for non-routine work.While conventional RPA was not good at making decisions that people think, RBF is equipped with APIs and can operate at the same level as humans and make complex decisions. It automates not only the areas where RPA excels, such as the automation of single tasks, but also the areas where humans think, such as calculations, judgments, and checks.



Sagan Coat, a technology from Saga Prefecture, contributes to the health and welfare of all people.

Japan Photocatalyst Center Corporation has been manufacturing and selling photocatalyst solutions since its establishment. Photocatalyst is a technology that accelerates the catalytic reaction of titanium oxide using the energy of light and decomposes organic matter such as bacteria, mold, dirt, etc., and has a great characteristic that the effect of antibacterial / antiviral, air purification, anti-odor, etc. lasts. The photocatalyst technology “Sagan Coat” is a Japanese technique that applies the painting technique of Arita porcelain in Saga Prefecture. We spent two years succeeding in liquefying and mass-producing titanium oxide (powder), which is the raw material, and have reached the present.

Product & Service
  • "Sagan Coat" brand

Sagan Coat is a coined word consisting of Sagacious (smart, agile) + coat (film), and means a coating technology using water-based functional titanium oxide originated in Saga Prefecture. It uses the energy of light to decompose harmful organic matter, purify air, purify water, deodorize, antibacterial, anti-mold, antifouling, super-hydrophilic anti-fogging, and self-cleaning effects. In addition to the basic technology originating in Saga Prefecture, we have added licensed technologies from Nagoya City, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, and Osaka Titanium Technologies, developed coating agents and coating systems, and completed Sagan Coat. Since Sagan Coat does not contain organic solvents, it does not self-degrade and is our registered trademark.